SEO can be affected by H1 tags and the volume of keywords you're using on your site, it can be improved by regular updates to your website, quality backlinks (internal and external) good security on your site and how you're website works on a mobile phone. The volume of traffic your website gets is also important. Google bots scan millions of websites daily checking for these different areas to identify what websites should move up and down in the rankings. If you’re targeting a keyword with little or no competition, then less work would be required to rank your site on page 1.


SEO is search engine optimisation. It's the process of raking your website or video on the first page of Google. There are many different aspects to it. This can include how your website performs online and how responsive your website is, from how your website looks and how much time people spend on your site.

Below we've given you an overview of how quickly we've ranked a website that wasn’t ranking at all, in a very high competition area. This means that we can easily rank your website on page 1, for the keywords you desire. The reason we're able to rank this website so quickly is that we understand what’s required to increase your rankings and we ensure all these areas are optimised for just that.




High Domain Authority
Backlinking quality not quantity
Quality backlink profile
Rank #1 on Google
Rank #1 on Google
Rank #1 on Google
Rank #1 on Google
SEO proposal breakdown


Within one month we've been able to rank this website for new keywords, increasing the rankings on the keywords this website has been ranking for from 5th and 10th pages to 1st and 2nd page rankings.



As a client, you'll have daily updates sent to you via email about how your website is ranking thanks to our SEO work on your site.


We would strongly advise all clients to have a top website, to optimise conversions on your site, this is very important. If people click straight off your site, this can damage rankings, hence SEO performance.


We also offer a website design and development service. We can build websites from scratch with coding but a cheaper more affordable option for many customers is to allow us to design your website using a platform such as WordPress.


(These results have been obtained using the Premium package and this website is ranking on a national level for multiple keywords)


Basic (£2000)

Off page website optimisation. Adding high quality backlinks to your site.

Intermediate (£2500)

Off page and on page optimisation. Adding high quality backlinks and editing your website text so that it’s optimised for SEO and google search crawls.

Premium (£3500)

Off page and on page optimisations, plus daily google ranking updates sent to your email, blog editing and creation, website management and editing any new or ongoing issues with your website. Most importantly you’ll become a GOLD member meaning you’ll be able to contact us anytime to ask for an immediate change to your site, plus you’ll have a dedicated member of staff to service your needs 24/7.