Top 5 things to consider when optimising your websites SEO.

1. Keywords

It's important to choose the SEO keyword your trying to rank for carefully as this will determine the time and effort required to rank #1 in Google for this particular keyword. Remember it's really important to do as much keyword research as you can before starting your SEO campaign.

Your keyword choice is very important as it will determine the time it takes to rank your site, how expensive this will be and should give you an indication of how much profit you should be able to make from ranking first for this particular keyword, different keywords vary in competition and hence difficulty, so it's vital you understand the best way to go about ranking for a particular keyword before you've started your campaign.

2. Backlinks

People new to SEO don't understand that adding low quality or bad backlinks to your website can do a lot of harm and actually decrease your rankings, before you start adding loads of backlinks ensure that you check they are good quality DA50 plus backlinks at least.

There's a variety of different types of backlinks the main being external and internal backlinks, we'll only be talking about these for now, although external backlinks are great for ranking, internal backlinks for excellent for keyword ranking and it's hard to rank for higher competition keywords without adding internal backlinks for this keyword in and around your website.

3. Content

Ensure the content on your website is good quality, relevant and useful so that people will share it, read it and end up staying on your website for longer or increasing the volume of website visits. Good content that includes your keywords optimises your SEO rankings in Google.

Adding loads of generated content will flag up on Google bots as scam and hence decrease your websites rankings, add useful content with loads of backlinks to generate traffic and better rankings for your website. Content is required to be able to rank for a variety of different keywords within your niche.

4.H1 Titles and meta descriptions

H1 titles and meta description are a really important aspect on SEO and these are crawled by the google bots, it's very important that any page you want to rank a specific keyword for contains the keyword you want to rank for in the H1 title and meta description.

5. Website Layout

This is very important for SEO and optimising your conversion rate when customers visit your website so ensuring you have a rapid load time and a top website is key to ensuring more visits and conversions on your site.

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