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What to optimise for SEO | How SEO works | SEO tips and advice

In this article we are going to cover what you need to optimise for SEO, how SEO works, and SEO tips and advice.

What to optimise for SEO

There are a variety of different ranking factors that will determine where Google will rank your website, blog or video in the search results, it would take a lifetime to go into each aspect in detail and this would be an unnecessary process, as you already know or will soon find out there are several key factors that will play a vital role in determining your ranking positions online.

Your website

Not just how it looks but how it functions and converts website visitors into conversions is also very important. A website needs to look great and also have good on page SEO and a variety of internal backlinks if you want t rank #1 in Google.

Backlinks: Link building for SEO

Don't spend loads of money trying to obtain many backlinks in the hope that it will help your sites rankings increase, in order for SEO to work properly backlinks are important however it's more important to have a sustainable strategy you can see will work in the long term and ensure your websites domain authority will increase.


Many SEO companies are starting to understand how important it is to have lots of highly relevant and diverse content on your website for top SEO ranking, many businesses are simply blasting their website with millions of backlinks in the hope that it will help increase rankings.

Have different content that talks about different subject areas within your niche and Google will start to rank you for these keywords, plus you'll get more traffic to your site and more potential customers, please don't underestimate the importance of having highly relevant useful content on your website or video.

Keyword research

There's simply no point starting an SEO campaign without doing any keyword research or looking at what your competitors are doing, this brings us back to the concept of having a clear method that works, link and keyword research is an important part of that.

Search visibility

SEO services are starting to understand the importance of actual being visible on Google, even if your website has a really high domain authority with no search visibility, it's a useless site, you can increase search visibility by regularly updating your blog, posting different content and lots of it. Google thinks social media is important so if your content is shared widely on social media then this will help increase your rankings on Google further.

How SEO works

SEO works by optimising all the areas your website, video or blog requires to rank #1 on Google, more ranking, more website traffic, more website traffic more customers and more customers means more money.

The best SEO companies are able to rank you first page and #1 on Google because they understand what's required of them to do so. Check out our own case study on how we've manged to rank a site on Googles first page and get them organic traffic to their website.

SEO tips and advice

Do this:

- Find a good SEO company for backlinks

- Understand how to analyse competitor websites and see what they're doing to obtain backlinks.

- Establish a strong SEO and link building strategy to help your site rank #1 in Google.

- Work hard SEO isn't easy but it gives great results and gets easier the more you read and understand.

- Backlinks aren't necessary to rank but it will speed up how fast you rank on Google and will help you get good results much quicker than if you didn't use them.

- Once you understand SEO a bit better start using paid professional services like Moz to enhance your link building strategy.

Don't do this:

- Spend loads of money buying one off backlinks for sale, half of which won't be any good or relevant to you and the other half will be removed the administrator of that site.

- Waste time using automated tools that don't work.

- Don't add loads of spammy backlinks to your site as this will ruin your link profile and worsen your rankings and online search viability.

Check out our CASE STUDY and see how our expert SEO service has helped other companies grow and gain more customers, SEO can even save a company that may go into administration simply due to the high volume of customers you obtain when your website is optimised correctly.