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Monthly SEO Packages | Cheap SEO packages in the UK for small businesses

If you're a small business in the UK looking for a cheap SEO package then Quick SEO Solutions is for you.

1. Monthly SEO Packages

2. Cheap SEO packages in the UK for small businesses

SEO Pricing

Monthly SEO Packages

We have three primary SEO packages for our clients.

Basic SEO Package (£200 p/m)

This is the cheapest option and is usually used by clients who have some understanding of SEO and can do their own on page SEO, our basic SEO package consists of adding high quality backlinks to your website, we'll send a monthly PDF of all the backlinks we've added to your website and speak with you and show you how our high quality backlinks have helped with your website rankings.

If your aiming to target a low competition keyword then our monthly SEO package might be best for you, this basic package includes basic keyword analysis as well as a website audit so we can see what positive and negative SEO factors may be effecting your rankings, our basic SEO package may also be suited to you if you're a small business trying to keep costs low while at the same time trying to grow your customer base. The best part about our basic SEO package is that you can stop anytime, unlike many other SEO companies that tie you into a long contract where your basically paying thousands of pounds and you don't even know if the service works yet. We want our customers to be happy and use our SEO service because they know it's high quality and not because they have to stay.

Advanced SEO package (£250 p/m)

Our advanced monthly SEO package is more intense than the basic one, it included on page and off page SEO meaning we will create top content to put on your website that people will read and share, boosting your online rankings. You'll also receive a more personal service with regular meetings if you have the time with our SEO specialist who'll be managing your SEO campaign, our low cost SEO service means you'll not only begin to see great results but you won't be spending ridiculous amounts of money for top SEO on your website.

Our advanced SEO service will include everything shown in the illustration below:

As you can see it gives you a lot more than the basic package and can make a huge difference if you're trying to target keywords with a lot of competition.

Premium monthly SEO package (£350 p/m)

Our premium monthly SEO package includes everything you'd get in the basic and advanced packages however the key difference is that a single SEO specialist would focus improving the SEO for your website like it was their own website, this means daily updates, daily content writing focusing on keywords we can target, this service is really unique as it helps companies get the results they want fast, the main reason to use this package would be to rank for a keyword quickly and start generating some traffic to your website.

Cheap SEO packages in the UK for small businesses

The reason many small business use our SEO service is because it's cheap and highly effective at ranking any website for the keywords they desire on both a local and national level. Our cheap SEO service allows customers to select from a monthly package they feel would best match the needs of their business, our cheap SEO packages aren't just cheap but they work, go check out our case study to see how we've ranked a tuition company on a local and national level and how they are now competing with the top competitors within their niche.

If your looking for a cheap monthly SEO package that works sign up now or read our case study.

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