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May 28, 2018

Croydon SEO


What is SEO?


SEO means search engine optimisation, it is the process of optimising different elements of the algorithm Google uses to rank websites and video higher in the Google search engines. Top SEO companies will be able to rank your website #1 in Google for the search terms you require.


How can SEO help my business?


With Croydon having a population of around 500,000 people and counting, there has never been a better time to invest in SEO. Very simply SEO will increase the amount of traffic (visitors) to your website, more traffic means more sales and more sales means more money.


SEO is an investment in your business, many companies are seeing the benefit of SEO and more importantly we have produced a case study to show you how we've ranked a London business in a high competition niche. 


What kind of websites can use SEO?


You can use SEO to optimise any website, as a company we don't offer our services to "adult" websites of any kind. 







Croydon SEO services


Here are some of the services we offer that's included in our SEO packages:



Link Building:


The process of building high quality links to your website called backlinks.




Daily reports on how your website is performing online, real time results.


Website optimisation:


On page website optimisation to ensure it's not being penalised by Google


Content writing:


High quality content submission to ensure Google gives you the best ranking.


Keyword research:


Most probably the most important element of SEO, understanding your competition and how to out rank them is a vital part of any successful SEO campaign. 










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